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Systems and Support to Better Manage Member Health

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BetterLife works to support health care payers.

BetterLife’s high-touch tele-encounter-based model identifies target members with hypertension early and evolves case-assessment and management systems that allow BetterLife to generate transformational outcomes for on an individual tailored basis. This achieves savings on total cost of care and reduces the risks of downstream member illnesses including possible heart disease and attack, stroke, diabetes, kidney failure, dementia, depression, etc.

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better manage patients

with hypertension.

BetterLife's technology-based solution will significantly improve the health of the patients in your network and lower risk and group liability.


  • Manage complex hypertensive members in better ways

  • Evidence based interventions

  • Achieve significant coverage cost savings and actively reduce claims

  • Partner with BetterLife to better manage member risk

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