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Systems and Support to Encourage a Positive Outcome

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BetterLife works to support healthcare providers.

BetterLife works with health providers of all sizes and types to help manage all of their hypertensive patients (from pre-hypertensive to critical). BetterLife brings purpose-built risk stratification and predictive analytics technology, a specialized team, deeply experienced in hypertension and the value-based care expertise necessary to transform the way a provider’s patient population experiences and addresses hypertension.


live a better life

with hypertension.

Interact with your patient's health journey and monitor their progress online!  One of our representatives will answer any questions.


  • Address, engage, and activate patients (to better manage their hypertension)

  • Reimbursable, evidence-based interventions 

  • Achieve significant cost savings and new revenue opportunities

  • Shift to value and improve outcomes

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