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Systems and Support to Improve the Quality of Care

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BetterLife works to support
pharmaceutical companies.

BetterLife works with Pharmaceutical companies to help manage hypertensive patients by working with them to increase drug adherence. BetterLife brings with it a specialized team, deeply experienced in hypertension, the drugs needed to manage it (especially when it becomes critical) and the expertise necessary to help patients (both within and outside clinical trials) to achieve optimal outcomes.



improve the life

of hypertensives.

BetterLife's statistical analytics allow pharmaceutical companies to better tailor clinical trials and increase adherence to hypertension drugs.


  • Address, engage, and activate complex patients and their drug control needs

  • Directly work with patients (within and outside clinical trials) to better adhere to drug regimes

  • Achieve significant cost savings and create new revenue opportunities

  • In partnership with the Pharma company help to build positive brand reputation 

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