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Systems and Support to Better Maintain a Healthy Lifestyle

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BetterLife works to support patients.

BetterLife works with pre-hypertensive to critically hypertensive patients of all ages and backgrounds to help manage their blood pressure and find ways to stabilize and reduce it. BetterLife brings both a deep case-assessment process and a tailored ‘nudging’ system to individuals to help make better health changes easier. 



living a better life

with hypertension?

Help us to learn more about your experience living with hypertension by completing our brief survey. All answers will remain confidential.


  • Gain awareness on improved ways to understand the impact of hypertension and how to better manage it

  • Engage and Interact with tailored ’nudges’

  • Achieve behavior or lifestyle change (such as weight loss or better-quality sleep) with ‘tiny habit’ shifts 

  • Improve health and levels of optimism (and capacity to thrive)

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