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Deep Case Assessment

BetterLife has a proprietary case-assessment process that builds on multi-modal medical information on each patient to understand each individual at the deepest human level.
Our primary aim is to appreciate how people with hypertension live their lives and deal with the challenges of everyday life, so as to help and support them in coping even better than today. 

Sophisticated Data Interpolation

Technology today affords  the opportunity to collect much more data (such as blood pressure readings, for example) and in a progressive or non-episodic way, and then analyze and review the results in sophisticated ways in order to then design the best strategies to manage an individual hypertension experience in the most customized way possible

Telehealth-based Case Management

BetterLife’s approach is to build strong relationships with each hypertensive patient, though the initial case assessment. Through regular ‘tele-encounters’, we gather new data and discuss existing or upcoming challenges that individuals may be experiencing, especially as relating to behavioral or lifestyle changes that they are trying to make.  

Tailored Behavior 'Nudging'

‘Nudge theory’ suggests that positive reinforcement and prompted suggestions can be effective ways to influence the behavior and decision-making of individuals. BetterLife builds tailored nudges to help incentivize and recognize hypertensive patients when they make positive changes in their life that help them to lower  blood pressure and feel better. 

BetterLife is a new Health and Wellness company focused entirely on helping people with Hypertension. We use a rich proprietary case-assessment approach on each patient. We add to this deep medical data, regular blood-pressure monitoring, and frequent check-ins via a bi-weekly tele-encounter, so as to then deploy a unique and tailored patient management system that draws on deep experience of behavioral ‘nudge’ theory.

our approach

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